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Santiago Taccetti: ISO 9001

Solo Exhibition

26.03.2015 - 25.04.2015
10 Hanover Street, W1S 1YQ

10 Hanover are delighted to present ISO 9001, the first solo exhibition in the UK by Berlin based artist Santiago Taccetti (b. 1974, Buenos Aires, Argentina). Featuring new works from Taccetti’s white painting series, the exhibition title plays on the certified quality management system used by companies seeking to prove their ability to provide consistent products and services. In this context, an “industry standard” is reconsidered as an examination of the qualities which the art object must possess in order to pass the “International Organization for Standardization.”

Taccetti is interested in eliminating all external visual references from his work, and focusing on the fundamental properties of his chosen materials. He utilizes specific materials in his artworks for their chemical composition, and for how they interact with each other within his chosen framework. He sets the physical and conceptual parameters for the work of art to exist rather than acting as the sole creator of the finished product – and by doing so, he reduces his own agency and foregrounds collaboration and chance.

Santiago Taccetti has exhibited widely throughout Europe and the US, with recent exhibitions including: GRIDS, Gillmeier Rech Gallery, Berlin (2015); About Sculpture #4, Galerie Rolando Anselmi, Berlin (2015); Reboot Horizon, Cell Project Space, London (2014); Sunbathers II, 1857 Gallery, Oslo (2014); Space Age, Hus Gallery, London (2014).





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